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    Default Veil Guy - a question

    I just bought you product for my motorcycle. Can I apply it to the windhield(fairly large surface area) and will it affect my radar gun.

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    Default Re: Veil Guy - a question

    Im not sure If you could appy it to the windshiled of your bike but I can tell you it will not effect radar only laser and it might affect the ability of the laser gun to acquire your speed

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    Default Re: Veil Guy - a question


    Keep in mind that windscreens and the like are transmissive in nature, not reflective.

    So Veiling it would only block lidar reflections from things (like your clothes) that would be behind it.

    Unless you're tucked way down all the time, I suspect your helmet or any other part of you above it would still be susceptible to a laser potential reading. Although we've made great strides (in Veil G4) to improve optical clarity (and I believe we've largely succeeded) I would be concerned about the potential loss of utility with having your windscreen actually covered in Veil.


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    Default Re: Veil Guy - a question

    Veil your helmet!

    (seen it done some where around here)



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