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Thread: Does Veil work?

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    Question Does Veil work?

    I've been reading about this product on various threads. I would like to know if it really works as a passive measure. I'm saving for the blinder m27 dual for the front of my car (06 PT Cruiser) which has lots of chrome. Will Veil and a laser shield help without the use of jammers. Or should I just get the laser jammers and then think about these passive measures. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Veil Guy View Post
    How many coats? How long does it last?Where should it be applied?
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    it supposedly helps if u have lots of chrome. some people paint like 3-5 coats, others want the smoked light look or additional protection and do like 30 or 40 coats using spray gun. most here say that you should get ur setup tested before u change anything else and test afterwards to see the improvement. thats of course if u live near people who are willing to help and own a gun or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by untrueparadox View Post
    it supposedly helps if u have lots of chrome.
    Only if you paint the chrome with it... which very few are willing to do, its most wide use is by far on HL's.

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    It may buy you a few seconds if it is a long range shot. Less than 750-1000ft isn't likely to do much.

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    It works well with a jammer but not by itself.

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    I can tell you, from extensive testing I've done on my BMW 328 i that it does work. By work, I mean it will definately reduce your IR laser reflectivity. With a retro refelctive front plate and, no Veil, my vehicle speed could be rendered at over 2000 ft. With Veil on the headlights and fog lights (3 foam brush coats) and, on the chrome grill pieces, on the lower painted silver metalic trim piece and, BMW roundel, my punch through dropped to around 850 ft. After dabbing a light coat basiclly all over the front end (not recomended by the manufacturer due to expense) I am now down to about a 750 ft punch through. Sounds like you have more chrome than I do, and the PT Cruiser has a lot more vertical surfaces. I have metalic paint and, if you do too, that's one more limiting factor. Veil is very visable with a couple of coats on chrome. You may not go for the appearance of what you have to do, Veil wise, to substantially reduce the chromes reflectivity. I would instead recomend a blacked out grill piece if one is available. If you have a retro reflective front plate you have to cover it with a laser sheild. The laser shield must have a thin coat of Veil on the outside facing surface. The plate is the primary target and, the most reflective by far. If you don't cover it, you' re wasting your time. I definately believe I've had a couple of saves with veil. If you implement all the modifacations stated above, it will cut down on your long range Lidar liability. To what extent I don't know, as every vehicle presents a different profile. Having maxed out the Veil application on my car I am now getting a jammer. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Does VEIL reduce IR signature?

    Of whatever it's covering, there's no doubt - there's many independent hobbyist videos and still-pictures that documents this, and VEIL Guy's IR video series, utilizing Mil-Spec. night-vision gear, offers an awesome peek of the VEIL working *as its being applied*.

    That's undeniable.

    In terms of how it "works" in the real-world?

    It's point-protection. Think of it as a shield - whatever it covers, it protects; and conversely, what it does not cover, it does not protect.

    Are there VEIL-alone (w/detector) "saves?" Yes.

    Are there VEIL plus active jammer "saves?" Also, yes.

    Are there plenty of those of us who have more than sufficient active countermeasures, and yet still put on VEIL, in the hopes that it will further reduce any specific weak-spot we may have and/or in hopes of achieving even better real-world "save" potential? Yes.

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    Yes veil works, just put on 1-2 coating on the headlights and your done. Veil will buy you a second or 3 at range over 1,000 feet. Expect instant reading under 1,000ft. I personally would not speed unless i have a jammer and a radar.



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