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    Default Laser Absorbent materials that pass Visible light, do a test

    A couple of years ago, I was looking to shield my car head lights and license plate from laser (yet still keep them 100% clear in the visible spectrum). I did a lot of research and found lots of clear materials that would block IR laser from passing through them, but they accomplished that feat by REFLECTING the laser. I only found a very few materials that would ABSORB IR laser while letting visible light pass through. In particular there was a certain kind of glass that would do the trick, but it was relatively expensive.

    Interestingly enough, this particular type of glass is used in good quality photo copiers and optical scanners (it is the glass you lay your paper on that you wish to have copied). Unfortuantly, I have yet to run across any broken copiers I could salavage the glass from.

    I think if any one here had such a source it would make an interesting experiment to place that glass over a license plate and run a test.

    The one cavet about visibily clear IR laser absorbing materials is that they often work by converting the IR Laser into a different part of the IR spectrum, ie the glass warms up. So then question becomes, at what ambient temperature does the laser absorbency start to drop off. Would the heat from a head light make it ineffective? Would it still be effective on a 104 degree day in Oklahoma?

    In anycase, it would be an interesting series of tests, and might make for an inexpensive way to shield your license plate from laser (provided you can scrounge up the glass from a good quality copier).

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    @($#@^$ !!!! I just tossed an old scanner back in the Spring. Wish I had known. Ima go look on ebay for $10 scanners.

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    Not a bad idea. Your best chance of finding the right glass is to look for something that was designed for commercial heavy/continous use. Low quaility units, or units desgined for light home use probably have a lower chance of having the right kind of glass.

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    Where I work we throw out nice all in one copiers all the time! I'll get on that and see if I can make one of my own. I knew those copiers could be used for something... such a waste to just pitch that stuff. I invented something with a kind of similar idea recently, but it works a little different. It uses a more simple material, but it would be a little more expensive to make the actual device itself. It's really neat, I'm going to try and build up a prototype soon... maybe if it works I'll market it! This idea with the copier glass sounds good too, I'll try that also.

    ...Wouldn't it be nice if devices were sold to change the light energy from the lidar gun to mass... and just drop it on the ground? Wow, a license plate cover that craps light energy... how about that? lol. It works in physics, if mass is destroyed it becomes energy and vice versa.

    Stuff for the future!


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    Default ?

    Why would a copier need glass that absorbs IR?

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    I wanted to know that too...

    anyone have any of this? i'd buy some!



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