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    I'm thinking about getting some LIDAR protection for when I travel outside my area. The LEOs around here just use radar.... I live in California, where I believe jammers are illegal so I need to keep it passive.

    So I have been searching and reading posts on here, and I have a few questions.

    1. Is the Laser Shield the most effective passive countermeasure for the license plate?

    2. Would putting Veil alone on the licence plate be as effective or better than Laser Shield? How does the license plate look with Veil on it?

    3. I read that some people Veil their LaserShield. Does that really help, or is that overkill? Doesn't either one do the job by itself?

    4. I also read that some people are taking photocopies of their front licence plates, laminating them, then adding Veil or Laser Shield and installing that as the front licence plate. If a LEO found this, would he just give you a fix-it ticket if you told him that the plate was stolen? Or can you get in more serious trouble?

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    You can see some of my posts and the other posts here for pictures of how the plate looks like after it is Veiled. I have a thread here with full pics.

    I dont think you need to put veil on top of a lasershield, that is too much and it'll get noticeable. Lasershield alone is good.

    but you must use VEIL on your headlights and other chrome areas of your front section of the car.

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