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    Default how come most veil testing videos

    they all point at the headlights. does the LEO always point at the headlights? from some of the videos i can see as soon the red dot point away from the headlight covered with veil its get the reading right away.

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    Veil basically kills the retroreflective surfaces of your car. The points that an officer aims at is the license plate, and the headlight.

    If you get a license plate cover, coat both sides with veil, that will pretty much take care of your license plate.

    Usually if an officer doesnt get a reading off the plate, he will pan out to the headlights to attempt to get a reading.

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    Shouldn't you guys be letting Santa do his deliveries? Don't forget to put out the cookies and milk.

    Cber, what you may be observing is when a car gets really close to the laser gun the remaing/residual reflection of a vehicle itself is allowing for a reading. In otherwords, the car's surface is actually less stealth than the primary targets of the laser operator, the car's headlights (and/or license plate).

    What you are observing is VEIL actually doing its job. If Veil weren't so effective your would be able to pick the car up almost immediately from a much greater distance because of the high reflectivity of untreated headlights.

    By Veiling them, distances to getting readings are dramactically cut and laser jammer punch through (long-distance) are eliminated.

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