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    Default will Veil work on a clear bra (3M Paint Protection Film Clearmask)

    please disregard my question... I found the answer on an earlier posted thread... the answer appears to be a clear "NO, don't do it unless you want a permanent cosmetic mess!"

    Thanks guys.
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    Default Re: will Veil work on a clear bra (3M Paint Protection Film Clearmask)

    Welcome aboard!

    Unfortunately, Veil does not play well with Clear Bra or LaminX. It stains the film, and for the most part flakes off of it very quickly. Not really a problem with the Veil. The Clear Bra just does a great job at what it is intended to do, which is protecting your car.

    The good news is, so long as you install a competent jammer, most vehicles can get by without Veil as an absolute need. And, of course, without a jammer, there is no point in applying Veil.

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    Default Re: will Veil work on a clear bra (3M Paint Protection Film Clearmask)

    I disagree with the above opinion for the following reasons:

    With respect to jammer performance, Veil will always provide 1) enhancement to performance as, I believe, even the very top performing jammers will not provide absolute and complete protection in every circumstance and 2) using two systems (one active and one passive) one benefits from a defense-in-depth solution that provides a back-up solution in the event of jammer failure or compromise (ie; build-up of road/dirt material on heads).

    Furthermore, I disagree with the notion that under no circumstances will Veil provide enough protection, in the real-world, for a good number of encounters, enough, to justify its application.

    While I completely acknowledge that in controlled test courses (with tripod mounted lasers, very low speed passes straight ahead, and on worst-case vehicles) Veil doesn't show as well (certainly as well as the actives), and that some individuals have not had as favorable results with their own vehicles with their own make-shift test courses, but I do not believe these results are necessarily representative of results one achieves in the real-world.

    In the real-world of laser enforcement, vehicle speeds are often much higher which makes it a bit harder on the lidar guns, they are generally hand-held which can have a serious detriment on their ability to obtain speeds because of panning movement, the angles are oftentimes greater than those in a test course (which always favors the driver), and perhaps most importantly, the officers are not specifically prepared for any countermeasure being used.

    If one were to view certain historical threads on this very forum, one will find any number of positive experiences with Veil only, this is fact and a very small number, I believe, of fails (ie; ticket resulting).

    It really comes down to the level of comfort one has with a passive only countermeasure versus an active or an active/passive approach.

    Depending on the vehicle, the types of laser guns used, and the driving terrain, Veil will provide a certain percentage of wins. The question of whether Veil provides sufficient protection, is really going to be a subjective one. For what amounts to about $89 is the level of protection (or lack thereof, depending upon whether you are a glass half-empty of half-full kind of guy) adequate versus considerably more (in the form of a jammer or a jammer+veil). This question is really not unlike that made in the purchase of a radar detector: is the performance of a $150 detector sufficient enough or does a $500 detector provide enough additional risk mitigation to justify the cost.

    In either example, merely stating an absolute generalized opinion, I believe, isn't really justified. For some, one decision will be appropriate and with others, another one will be.

    What part of the spectrum of risk-versus-reward-versus-cost is really a personal one.

    At any rate, I am pleased to see that you already found the specific answer to your actual question.

    Veil Guy
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