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    Default Veil to head light suggestions

    I just got new headlights for my mustang. Completely different style so it needs a brand new application. I veiled my last headlights but it looked like ****, lines, drips ugh! Any suggestions? I see a lot of air brush applications, even though it looks good laser veil website say they do NOT reccommend that. I don't own a air brush so it doesn't matter always.
    Anyone out this on and it actualy looked like a 3rd grader painted your headlights? I plan on doing this in the afternoon today. I still need to buy brushes from the hardware stores, should I get the saw style that came with veil?
    Thanks guys!!!!

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    Default Re: Veil to head light suggestions

    I used regular foam brushes from one of the hardware stores locally and it worked just fine. I found that you shouldn't apply veil when the brush is dripping heavily, but make sure its absorbed plenty. Minimal strokes will also help this, so try and take three or four strokes total across the headlight.



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