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Thread: Layers of veil

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    Default Layers of veil

    How many coats should be applied? I did one coat.. Looks really smooth. Pics are on the forum (mustang)

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    Only one coat is needed but you know what they say, if one is good, two is better. I run one coat on the headlights & two coats on the fog & turn lights.

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    Default Re: Layers of veil

    How are you applying it? If you're applying it traditionally, via the enclosed brushes, then one coat is sufficient to do the job it is intended to do. If you apply more, it's more for the looks than the effect.

    If you're applying with an air brush, then it often takes multiple layers to equal a brushed on layer.

    EDIT: Just saw your other post, so forget the part about air brushing. You're right; every little bit helps. But you have to be willing to give up light output for very little return in protection when you go with multiple layers.
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    I used the sponge brushes I got with my G4, though there is nothing wrong with that method.
    I found out while doing my chrome that a "Very" soft sponge car wash one was better, the one's with the dimples in it, softer the better, and tear the right size of that you need, works like a charm.

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    In the case of Veil, not really the much as it would be easy for me to encourage the greater use of the product (for sales revenue).

    The reality is that if Veil has an optical density of >1.0 and therefore is already absorbing >90-99% (single pass), and potentially higher with double attenuation (ie; residual reflected IR), which means even greater.

    Using more than one properly applied coat would result in >99.9% attenuation (single pass) and >99.99%. As you can see, you already well exceeded your point of diminishing return (ie; you are wasting product and needlessly darkening your headlight's output in the VIS).

    The only exception to this if you are air-brushing. Since the coats are much much thinner to begin with, then one would need to build it up, but nut more than what its appearance would otherwise be with one single conventionally-applied coat.

    Hopefully this technical answer will once-and-for-all put this question to bed.

    Good luck with your application and use...and thank you very much for your trust.





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