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    Default Veil Drying / dust

    Greetings all:

    Just joined cuz we're about to do a 2 week road trip, so I bought a passport 9500ix and a VEIL with the license plate cover.

    I figured I'd start with the LP cover before messing with the lights and this AM applied a coat to the LP cover in my kitchen. To my surprise it seemed even after a few hours it wasn't even beginning to get dry. I took it outside to see if the fresh air would help and even after ten hours is still 'tacky'.

    How long does it take this stuff to dry? I'm in NYC and it's been in the mid 50's today.

    Putting it outside leads to another problem... it seems to pick up all the dust and dirt in the air, which in NYC is plenty.

    I'm now worried about doing the lights. I would hate to end up with something rough and dirty which is what I will end up with if the car stays in front of my house and it takes a day to dry.

    I guess I could remove the light covers and do inside. Or should I just deal with the LP and wait until it gets warmer to apply to the lights?

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    Default Re: Veil Drying / dust

    I believe the reccomendations are to apply only in temps above 70 and low humidity or you will likely have the problem you are encountering.... I have purchased veil, but have not yet applied to my car. After reading some veil threads and advice from other members, I may not even put it on (since I have LI's). But since you don't have laser jammers, (I assume) it might be useful in your situation.



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