I travel ohio's highways constantly and had an interesting laser alert yesterday.

I was driving my black, retractable headlight c4 corvette w/ veil applied to parking fogs, front license plate bubble. There is also a laser $h1eld front license plate cover.

Anyways, I had a laser hit from ohio highway patrol parked in the median. This valentine one laser alert was very very long in duration compared to the laser alerts I get on my white chrome bumper 09 silverado truck. Those alerts are real short.

To make the story more interesting, the long continuous alert continued right up to about 100 yards away. I could actually see the guy adjusting the gun.

When I passed the cop, I could see him looking at the rear of my car (but didnt detect any laser).

I was one of the only cars on the road.

Very, very interesting.

I know all the naysayers here say that a jogger in a black jogging suit can be detected by their laser gun, but I still think that there is some merit to passive stealth.