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    Default MUST WATCH: Veil Only Performance on Rear SUV

    Given the right vehicles, Veil can do quite well, even when not used in conjunction with a laser jammer as evidenced by these runs taken at the CAN/AM JamFest 2011.

    There were other runs from this day, but were not recorded (dead battery).

    This one was at the first documented run was a JFG! on a Ford Edge, something that I was surprised was even possible. This video was taken during subsequent runs, although a JFG was NOT repeated. (I should use the terms SFG and STG instead of JFG and JTG, as we are technically not "jamming," we simply are not reflecting, hence the term steath from gun and stealth to gun.)

    Still, I am quite happy with the results.

    Any one told by a jammer "snob" that Veil is "useless" when you have a good jammer, should be able to appreciate this video.

    When used with jammers from the ZR4s, Blinders, AL, and the LIs, there will always be improvement and an additional layer of security to the occasional PTs that can happen (all of you who have tested know what I am talking about).

    Thanks to all those Can/AM members who continue to support and believe in the use of Veil. Great meet, can't wait to see you guys again.

    Note: Summary recap appears to drop out immediately at end of video, written below.

    Summary Recap:

    Departing Black Ford Edge SUV:

    1st Run: JFG (documented but not recorded)
    2nd Run: Only distance readings possible, unexplained, verified gun to be in speed mode
    3rd Run: Both speed/distance readings possible only at 27m & 164m
    4th Run: Both speed/distance readings possible only at 140m & 260m

    Approaching Dark Green Buick Sedan:

    Only Run, Painted Front Area: Only one speed/distance reading possible at 99m center mass

    From/To ~1200 feet
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