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    Default Veil & Saran Wrap Question lol

    This may be a pretty funny question, so here goes:

    After I apply Veil onto my headlights, will putting saran wrap over it completely make it pointless? (ie. will saran wrap help the LEO's lidar?)

    let me explain lol I'm not being cheap here, rather, I only need veil when I drive up to nor cal and the drive up is the only place LEO's in CA uses lidar. That said, I need saran wrap to cover up the veil'd headlights otherwise tons (and I really mean several thousands) of bugs die on my bumper/headlights. I don't want to wash my headlights twice (from the drive up & down) and wearing off the veil. This way when I get to my destination, I can just peel the saran wrap off.

    Also, is it worth veiling and getting a laser shield plate cover for the back? In CA, front plates aren't really required (it is but it's a slap on the wrist fine), so I don't have a front plate.

    edit: the saran wrap will be held down w/ duct tape (lol i feel so ghetto asking this)
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    Default Re: Veil & Saran Wrap Question lol

    Instead of saran wrap, why not use the 3M clear bra stuff? Its a bit thicker than the saran wrap and if it gets hit with pebbles it won't look like crap

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    Default Re: Veil & Saran Wrap Question lol

    Veil doesn't come off with regular soap and water...only alcohol. Veil supposedly lasts several months so don't worry about your trip.

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    Default Re: Veil & Saran Wrap Question lol

    Closer to many years, with proper application.
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