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    Default Total lack of support

    I purchased Veil 3-4 years ago and applied it to my Volvo S60. The application went smooth and the product seemed to work (no specific testing). I also have a Passport 8500 X50 connected to a ZR4 laser shifter. The combination of all three products provides me with peace of mind. My job requires that I drive all day and while I may drive agressivly at times and I have had many encounters with radar/laser, I have not received any speeding tickets during the last three years.

    I recently purchased a Audi A4 and I use the same set up that I had in the Volvo. However, the Veil application is not working out so well. Veil is beading up on the headlight cover and I've tried applying it five times with three different methods. Each application looked so bad that I had to remove it. I've used a foam brush, a paint brush, a spray can applicator bought at Home Depot (suggested by another forum member) and a airbrush kit bought at a hobby store. So far I've spent $100 on application kits and my jar of Veil is almost empty.

    I've contacted the Veil Guy and Radar Roy asking for assistance - neither replied.

    If a product like Veil isn't applied to all lenses the same way there should be research on how to apply it to the problem lenses. There should be an area to provide feedback and the manufacturer should be constantly finding ways to apply their product. At the very least the manufacturer should respond to service issues. I'll try another application but when the jar of Veil is empty, I'm gone as a customer and so is my recommendation.

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    you should have read my thread b4 it got deleted.. I tried to remove my veil g4 with isopropyl alcohol and house hold ammonia did nothing. Had such bad visibility (maybe i put to much on) that i pretty much ruined my headlight by resorting to light sanding to get the stuff off..

    Did you try wax and grease remover before applying the veil ?

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    here's an idea If u can afford Audi A4 get Li and don't worry about it....

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    Default Re: Total lack of support

    I am not aware of any issues or an attempt to be contacted here.

    To my knowledge, I haven't received any requests, via email, PMs or telephone.

    Please PM your issue to me on this forum. I have not been on the forum much as late. Better yet you can call our CS directly.

    Your beading up problem likely has to do with a polymer finish (likely silicon-based) on the headlights. Could have come from wax, could have come from polish, could have come from car washes. I have heard of this happening a handful of times. This is NOT typical.

    My suggestion is to try to use a polish "cutter" or wax stripper and buff it out and then clean the residue with rubbing alcohol.

    If that doesn't do the trick, let me know and we'll do one of two things, give you another go with another unit (on us) or refund your money. The choice is yours.
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