I have been doing some research and I'm also part of a lot of car forums as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

If I'm getting Lasered from a LEO he is targeting the front of my vehicle mostly. I was thinking of buying the Veil Kit and applying it to front headlights and license plate, but I wanted to know this.

What exactly are we protecting? The Lense or the reflective housing in the headlight?

I'm thinking about doing a retro-fit installing projectors in my headlights and painting the inside matte black of my headlights for a more formal look. If I do that would it also help protect me against Laser except for my license plate? I know that the Veil absorbs the Laser to give the driver more time to react, but what if I just paint the inside ofthe housings and not apply the veil to the lense of my headlight if we are trying to protect the reflective housing.

I also don't have any chrome on the front of my car. Only part is the license plate and the reflective housings from my headlights.

I am not trying to not to say don't buy this product, but I want to know if just painting the inside of the housings matte black so there isn't any reflectiveness.