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    Default Will it give you time?

    Even if it doesn't work completely how likely is it Veil will give you time to slow down when a V1 goes off? In my state jammers and anything affecting lasers are illegal, but you can't see veil, so yeah.

    If it helps at all it looks like but it's a hatchback.

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    Default Re: Will it give you time?

    Based on years of testing that I and many other independant testers have done, Veil doesn't buy you any extra time at normal targeting distances. While it does reduce a car's LIDAR profile, it's not enough to make using a radar detector(even a V1) and Veil anything near reliable protection against LIDAR.

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    Default Re: Will it give you time?

    veil always works, its simply a question of how much time it will buy you and at some point you will get "punch through."

    the shape and color of your vehicle looks pretty good and not having a front plate is really a good thing.

    veil is certainly not going to give you 100% protection in all targeting circumstances, but it is a question of improving the odds in your favor than having nothing.

    while jammers and/or jammers and veil would certainly make a positive impact, keep in mind that more and more states are specifically outlawing jammer use and some states are carrying pretty hefty penalties (i think even up to a Class C Misdemeanor).

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