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    I am new to this board and to your product. I am in Illinois and can't have Jammers. Any way I am sure you have been asked this a million times. I masked off around the areas to paint on Veil. Some of the product got under the masking tape. Its not terrible but is there any thing else besides ammonia and rubbing alcohol to try. Problem is its silver painted plastic.
    Also is one application enough, I will be doing my wifes car next. If possible I think I will remove her headlights first.
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    Did you try windex?

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    Yes, no luck.

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    come on Veil Guy,make us some Veil film,i will be the first to buy it.

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    You could try a little goo gone, but be careful as I've had it rub off paint that wasn't clear coated! I've used in on paint though when removing stickers from cars from the dealer, and stickers off the painted portions of my bike.



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