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    Default New to Forum with Triumph bike and Curious About VEIL in NY

    Hello everyone.

    I have been going throgh the archives but I still dont quite understand how useful VEIL might be with my new motorbike.

    Could anyone please explain:

    should I apply this to my headlights?
    directly? or to 3M film?

    and to the small motobike license plate in the rear?
    Or cover the plate with plastic?
    Cover the plate with a paper copy?

    AND use VEIL?

    Sorry I am confused but have no extra time and no extra cash for tickets.

    Thanks for this and any other advice for driving in and out of NYC.



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    VEiL is used directly on headlights, you want to VEiL a license plate cover (both sides), but do not apply it directly to the plate.



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