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    Default Longevity on glass headlights

    I've had Veil on my car for a couple of weeks and it's holding up really well on the plastic license plate cover and the plastic corner lights. The headlights, however, are a different story. I looked at them today and there seems to be a great deal of pitting, resulting in a visible loss of coverage. It's not really bad yet but I have to imagine that a few more weeks of wear and the coating will be rendered ineffective. I also discovered that it had worn off in scratches after only one use of the headlight wipers last night. They come on automatically with the windshield washers and I really don't want to disable them.

    It seems to me that the coating just doesn't want to stick to glass. I know that contamination isn't a problem because I swabbed everything with rubbing alcohol and let it dry thoroughly before I applied. Any comments or suggestions?

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    Easy on,easy off. Glass is the easiest to coat with veil, and its the easiest for it to come off of. It comes off my headlights too. Personally I never understood headlight wipers, but that's a different story altogether.

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    Guys, keep me posted on this.

    I have had VEIL on my lights for well over a year now with no problems.

    Couple of ideas.

    If you guys have cold weather packages on your cars that include wipers and windshield wiper fluid application - that may be the problem.

    Windshield fluid oftentime can contain both ammonia and alcohol to prevent freezing. If this stuff makes it on to the headlight enough times, it may be weakening the film. I suspect that may be the problem.

    Also, I think if VEIL dries under cold circumstances, the film it forms may not be as durable as hearty (particularly on glass) as otherwise.

    In either case, I would hope and expect things to improve during the warmer season when wiper fluid isn't used as often.

    Please keep me apprised of this one.

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