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    Default Veil versus latest generation police laser designed to defeat laser jammers

    Own a laser jammer or are considering a laser jammer purchase? Consider this. The days of JTG performance or even effectiveness may be coming to a close or at least is being more difficult to achieve. After years of the active laser jamming manufacturers and the jamming community at large, promoting their products in a manner suggesting that if a jammer or Veil doesn't JTG, it is "worthless," the lidar manufacturers have finally had enough. As police lasers have dropped in price, size, become easier to use, they have are now being designed to specifically defeat laser jammers. As one member has pointed out some lidar guns are not only being difficult to jam, they also can detect attempts to jam as well as causing instant punch-thoughs (PTs).

    And although some are going to great lengths to hide this fact, the fact remains that if you are driving with a jammer, your chances of getting nailed with one are increasing.

    Here are just a couple of videos floating around on Youtube. We didn't create these, so take ANY video documentation with a grain of salt. But it is important to be aware of this unsettling development and the fact the the police laser mfrs are actually actively marketing their products to law enforcement in this manner. Stalker and LTI are also stepping it up.

    Fortunately, there is a defense that remains effective and that defense is Laser Veil. Veil will absorb police laser irrespective of its varying or random pulse rate and although I still drive with laser jammers, because of my particular vehicle, I augment them with Veil.

    Don't wait to find out on the side of the road that your multi-hundred or thousand dollar purchase wasn't effective against these new generation guns being introduced into traffic enforcement circulation at an ever increasing rate, consider protecting yourself for a pennies on the dollar solution.

    Veil is available from Radar Busters (currently out of stock). Or visit here on Veil's site.

    To see Veil G4 in action see Radar Roy's test below:

    Safe driving!

    Veil Guy
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