When I applied Veil, I did one heavy coat like in the video. Here is the problem in evaluating its darkness:

-When it is dark, the headlights look slightly darker than stock.
-When it is very overcast or dusk, the headlights look smoked.
-When it is very bright out, the headlights look very dark.

The lighting conditions when the picture is taken needs to be noted. Otherwise, the application may look light because the picture was taken under darker conditions with a longer exposure. Perhaps the picture was taken with a bright flash or during the day. In one of those situations, the Veil will look dark.

***I suppose this is all part of the Veil design. It filters out very intense light such as a laser gun produces. At the same time, it allows your headlights and turn signals to work 90-95% as well as without Veil.