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    Default using Veil with auto headlight washing vehicles

    I'm thinking about buying veil and wonder if the automatic headlight powerjet that cleans the headlights on my car will remove the coating.

    This auto-washing feature is not to be taken lightly, it BLASTS the headlight with a powerful stream of fluid every 5th time you activate the windsheld washer. This is the replacement for the headlight wipers you see on many cars, mine is a '06 Volvo XC-70.

    Any ideas out there?

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    I wouldn't be too concerned about the power of the spray.

    I would be concerned if the washer fluid contained alcohol/ammonia - which it'll likely.

    Over many repeated blasts of such a solution, I would not be surprised to see the longevity of the coating/film hastened.

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    I used Veil on my S70 with automatic headlight wipers. The coating tended to start disappearing after a couple of uses. I believe that most washer fluids do have alcohol to reduce the freezing temp. Otherwise you would have a chunk of ice at temps below freezing.

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    I live in PA and drive a Volvo S70 with the cold weather package (headlight washers). They are the older ones that have the low pressure and wiper combo. PA doesn't require a front plate so the only reason for VEIL would be my headlights. Would it wear off fast enough that it wouldn't be worthwhile to get VEIL? Most newer luxury cars use the high pressure no wiper method which I think would be worse.

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    All the washer solutions I see contain methyl alcohol.

    In the summertime, it isn't a big deal, just use water...

    An alternative is to disable the headlamp cleaners.



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