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    Default Veil Washoff

    I put veil on my HLs about 5 days ago and thought I got a good application. Took the car to a robotic pressure wash today and almost all the veil was removed. Is this normal?

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    No, it isn't.

    Some suggestions:

    1) If your vehicle has gone through the car wash several times and has been treated to a wax/polish, we have seen that a build-up of this material overtime can serve to undermine the adhesion properties of Veil.

    The solution to the above issue is to first remove Veil with household ammonia or rubbing alcohol. The next step, once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned is to use a product like Perfect-It swirl remover to remove any build-ups that may exist.

    2) When applying Veil, try to avoid temps below 40-45F degrees with the first 24 hours, as cold temps may impact Veil's setup. After the product has "cured" then temp is not an issue (hot or cold).

    3) To maximize setup in marginal weather, use a hairdryer to help facilitate and hasten the setup time.

    We have had Veil on one of our vehicles now for about two years, through all sorts of weather and washing conditions...And its still going strong.

    Here's a thread that may help (thanks Regis!):

    Hope that helped.

    If your issue persists after re-application, then PM me and we'll go through it together and figure it out.

    Veil Guy 8)
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    Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestion.



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