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    Default Decoy front plate?

    Here's something that came to me in a daydream, inspired by a comment I saw somewhere on here sometime about some guy photocopying his plate onto paper and putting it under a plate shield..

    I am not required to have a front plate, however I know that laser traps use that as a favourite target. Would it be beneficial to use a front plate made out of paper underneath a plate cover to encourage them to shoot at it, but get no return signature since it is paper/cardboard and thus will only serve to set off my laser warning so I know they are afoot? I suppose that plate cover could then even be coated with Veil, although I'm not sure if that would be beneficial in this scenario.


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    That's a similar question to another about using the laser shield on the plate. If they get no reading on the plate they'll just move to your headlights. :? Guess it's VEIL all the way. :wink: I need to order some but have to get it past my wife though. (Good thing she doesn't check the "books"!) It's for a trip this weekend to the other end of MD. Not sure if there's laser out there or not!

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    That is an interesting question; I think robert is correct..

    At an initial 1000-1500 targeting distance, most laser guns won't readily display whether or not their is a front plate mounted on the vehicle. The exception to this is the Laveg unit which acts very similarly to a naval binocular with magnified superior optics.

    Since this is the generally the case, officers will either initially target the center of the approaching vehicle and then switch to the headlight if they have difficulties as the vehicle gets closer the beams narrows.

    In '03 at SML tests we put a plate cover that was treated with VEIL on the front a several vehicles, especially lighter coloured ones, that had no front plate and found that targeting distances were reduce somewhat further than with the same light coloured vehicles that had no front plate/cover.

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    Default Fake (Decoy) Plate

    I'm not sure I quite understood your last post, VG.
    Are you saying that a decoy plate does help out?
    I don't need a front plate here in Michigan, but I'd put a decoy on if it would help.



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