This is written to hopefully help anyone trying to apply Veil.

I tried applying Veil 1 well over a year ago and gave up, but being determined, bought Veil 2 and finally got round to testing it last weekend.

First thing I had to do was get rid of the Veil 1 on the unused car I'd tested it on and as we only drink alcohol in Scotland, I'd no idea what rubbing alcohol is so... after many tests (Whisky,Vodka, Bulgari Blu etc), I found that windshield de-icer is the best. Spray, wait 2 seconds and wipe off. Works with Veil 1 and 2.

Applying Veil 2, was the same as doing a watercolour painting wash (OK, OK, I'm a bit artistic). Load the brush with Veil and do long horizontal strokes. Each stroke should partially overlap the previous stroke so the Veil gets pulled down by gravity and that's it. I'd masked off the bodywork too so that I didn't have to go near it until the Veil was dry.

The only problem I've still got that I can't quiet resolve is occasional specks of dirt. I might give a negative ioniser a try, but if anyone knows a sure fire method, I'd be really interested to hear about it.