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    Default Veiling headlights...

    Hey guys,
    well... after getting a ticket w/ laser the other day I've decided I will (in the near future sometime) buy some veil and apply it to my headlights.

    Pics of truck are in the slideshow... I am already planning on getting covers for the lights in front of the grill, as well as painting the chrom black ( when I get a chance hopefully this summer) that will help reduce lasers ability to get an accurate reading?

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    yeah, that sounds good. preferrably some matte black covers for the lights.

    also a good coat of Veil on those botom lights.

    now for true protection you should really consider a jammer. Veil definately helps, but without a jammer they will get a reading at some point, probably before you realize it, unless you get a laser alert from a long distance and hit the brakes quick.



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