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    Default question on laser trap aiming

    I am debating on whether or not to use the rear shifter in the ZR3 system for the rear or for the front. In the new england area more specifically around NJ, how do cops target cars? From the front, the rear, overpasses? I will be driving up and down from NJ to MA so I would like to know what the optimal placement for the rear ****er would be. I have read through the section and have seen what guns are used for my trip up and down and it seems like MA may get me with the Atlanta. I may also buy a second set of jammers but would like to get this first set decided on. Of course I will wait for the GOL test to be published. Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: aiming

    Welcome to the forum touches6784. Aiming the front w/ laser in the daytime, either the center on your bumper (w/ or without plate) and/or headlights. The front at night, your headlights are the best spot to aim at. The rear has two main spots to aim the laser gun at regardless of day or night. Your rear license plate and/or your rear stop lights/taillights . The more chrome you have in the front of your vehicle, the easier you are as a target w/ a laser gun. The one car I always had a problem w/ getting a reading from the front w/ the Saturn. I couldn't get a reading but once the car passed me I shot the rear of the Saturn and I got my reading. I never understood this. Maybe Sufdaddy can help. Having a rear laser shifter is a good idea but mount it near/on your rear license plate. This is just from the studying I have done w/ my Kustom Pro laser 2 laser speed gun. Mk

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    Suf Daddy


    If the Saturn is an older SL 1 - 2,

    the slope and plastic panels (color being MOST important) would affect LIDAr reflections.

    Otherwise, the lack of a front plate would most certainly help.

    The next time you drive down a street with on street parking notice how each back set of taillights is very reflective vs the fronts of cars.........

    Backs provide MUCH farther ranging for LIDAr guns.

    Even the operators' manuals discuss it.

    For initial confrontation, a front shot would most likely comply with a previous (Visual estimate from the HUD) technique, if they were following the rules....

    -Suf Daddy

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    Thanks for the replies. So in short you guys are saying that covering the rear would be a good idea? I guess I will have to put one in the rear and get another set of jammers to cover the rear better. That discussion is better suited else where. thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suf Daddy
    If the Saturn is an older SL 1 - 2,

    -Suf Daddy
    Mt. Tremblant, nice! 8)

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    Suf Daddy


    I'd say front, and make sure you pay attention and slow down before they target your rear...........

    -Suf Daddy

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    Ok. So I guess most cops are trained to do an initial shot to the front then to the back, is that a correct assumption? I worry about the back becuase I have a hatchback saab and the back is larger than most cars. oh well, I think I will commit to the front then buy some other set for the back. This is going to become expensive.



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