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    Default Pro Laser III in the hills of Central Wisc..

    Check out this speed trap in central Wisc..

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    58 in a 35!! and he shot you in the back to boot!

    do you use a white cane with a red tip to feel your way down the streets?

    You better get your vision checked if you did not see a marked car shooting laser, considering you passed him too!!

    Holy cripes!!

    BTW, I would not consider oconomowoc central Wi either, more like southeastern.

    Sorry for busting your chops on this one, but lets be serious here! How in the heck did you not see this Leo?

    You should be happy that he didn't give you a ticket for inattentive drivng too, So what happened? inquiring minds want to know. At least go to court and see if you can play "lets make a deal" cuz thats going to be a tough one to get out of. one should never pleade guilty under any circumstance. if there is not other way plead "Nolo Contendre" ( No contest ) by doing this you are not admitting to guilt, but the judge will find you guilty. But go to court, there is a very slim chance ( like no chance at all) that the leo will not show. Or if he used a chase car and the laser gun officer did not move, both will need to show up in court, or it is hearsay only and can not be admitted as evidence if you ask for it to be dis-allowed. but you got to ask for it to be tossed. they won't do it on there own.
    But again, in a small town like that you have no chance of winning anyways. kangaroo court at it's best!!



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