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    Default Driving Tampa FL to Black Mountain, NC Today

    And since it's memorial day weekend, its almost a sure bet that LEO will be out in force.

    I'll report back when I arrive

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    I assume you're taking 75 to 4 to 95 home...if so, be VERY careful on I-95 through Jacksonville. When I lived down there, the LEOs loved nothing more than to set up massive, elaborate speed traps to nail tourists headed up bth directions for Memorial Day.

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    Only had one trap where I even needed a "save" which the V1 did.

    I was coming down a long straight when the V1 ramped up quickly. I mashed the brakes much to the annoyance of the driver tailgating me, so he blew past. It was quite funny to see him try to slow and dive when he came around the blind, but they didn't get him anyways.

    Definitely alot of LEOs, but they seemed out for the appearance and not the be writing anything... I easily cruised at 80 the whole time, light traffic, open roads and good weather 8)



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