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    Default Pa Ka band speed sign and trap

    I ran into my first Ka speed sign last night on Rt. 476 Northeast extension of the turnpike south bound in a construction zone.
    It is my understanding that PSP has purchaced Ka band guns and are sporatically distributed across the state.

    Well, I had to hit 476 this morning and I got a 1.5 mile warning on the Ka sign but I was getting intermitent K hits and a second bogey. Turns out the PSP is going to double the fine, double the fun in this construction zone.
    Well the V1 did it's job quite well.

    Location: 476 turnpike south bound between Taylor and Pittston interchange.

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    Yup, same here. I hit that Ka sign last week. Coincidentally there was a PSP unit running K band as well. I believe Barletta Const. owns the Ka speed sign. Got the same range as you did with the V1. On a side note, I had an issue with NYST units getting j'd out three straight times. I sent the unit in and Michael called me on my cell to tell me that they replaced all internal pieces. It has been flawless for three weeks. Still running all factory defaults. Adv. Logic mode. Once again great customer service!!!



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