I'm doing some travelling this weekend, any pointers as to what bands to look for or key speed trap areas are appreciated.

I'll be going Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh tomorrow (270N -> 70N -> PA Turnpike).

Then going Pittsburgh -> Philly -> Somers Point / Avalon NJ.

I'll definitely be looking for a lot of the usual K band on the PA turnpike. This will be my first trip up in NJ with a decent RD though, so def looking forward to checking out how the STi does. I'll def have to turn X band back on for that part. I assume doing it after I pass philly will be good enough.

I figured I'd throw this out there. I've tried searching but it's hard to find the info through the search on this site. I have a good feeling of what to look for generally but everyone here seems to enjoy answering these questions anyways... Thanks guys.

I'll try to post my encounters next week for you.