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    Default NYC: New Variation on an Old Trap

    I've been driving the Clearview expressway for a few years now and have seen numerous NYPD Highway Patrol Units nabbing speeders off of the Throgs Neck Bridge at the usual spot right at the bottom of the hill. Today, there was something different.

    Instead of the NYPD Highway Patrol in the usual spot, there was a MTA Highway Unit parked at the wall of the median separating the traffic coming off of the bridge and traffic entering the Clearview from Willets Pt. Blvd. A single patrolman was leaning on his roof with a handheld laser gun (I don't know enough about them to give a brand but it had the two lenses side by side) shooting traffic coming off of the bridge. I guess it is legally considered the bridge so be careful... I have no idea what the differences in fines/ courts would be with the MTA.

    Just a heads up.

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    Suf Daddy


    Cool to know, I always veer off, on the cross Island PKWY to the L.I.E to cut the corner going past Suffolk Co.

    -Suf Daddy



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