there they were 3 motorcycle cops when the speed drops from 50 to 35 around a curve and then it goes straight again. i have never seen laser here in brevard exept on hwy i-95 and never in city. finally, i got to use the new lp905 i got from roy(bel laserpro 905) i put all 3 up front since they dont shoot in rear in florida p[lus its a bigger area to cover with just 2 laser. anyways, i jammed to gun on all 5 tries to 2 different guns from *(same prolaser3 on 2 cops, and what looked like an ultalyte l/r older model on the third) and i jtg on all runs, went home, got into my other car-celica with the bel lp904 which has alwys worked for me in s florida and here when hiot. so i wanted to try it too to see. well, itstill works fine as i bloked his signal and he finally got a reading 100 feet or less away(im guessing) where the new lp905 jtg everytime. so yes, its older unit and probably needs a new one and i was so happy-it remeinded me of west palm with laser everywhewre. anyways dr.