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    Default Laser in Oklahoma?

    I live in the Tulsa area and thought I saw a TPD officer shooting laser on 169 South last week. I didnt get an alert on my V1 that time but recently did get an alert in the same general area. First time I had a laser alert in that area. Daytime. Sunny.

    To my knowledge Tulsa uses KA and OHP has mix of older K and some KA.

    Even though Laser doesnt seem to be widespread here our wonderful legislators saw fit to outlaw laser jammers several years ago.

    If anyone could confirm where in Oklahoma they might be using laser that would be great.

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    First off, I wouldn't be suprised. LIDAR seems to be getting more wide spread. Was the officer standing next to his patrol car just inside the door, with the door open? Also, was the officer holding an electronic device up to his eye as if he/she was aiming with it? If that was what you saw, then it probably was LIDAR (laser).

    Do you happen to know if Tulsa PD has a traffic division? If they do, more than likely only traffic divsion will be using them. Houston PD is like that. You can tell HPD traffic divsion because they don't have light bars on top. Also, not all HPD officers have Radar in their cars either, some do though.

    Just because you didn't get a laser alert, does not mean it wasn't there.
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