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    Had to travel to Marlyland today. I was hoping my LPP would see some action. Sad to say it didn't. However the Del. State Police had a trap as I was heading south. It was by exit 3A. If any of you have ever crossed the Del. Memorial Bridge, there is a rest stop in the median. Exit 3 and 3A are right around the rest stop.

    Anyway just past the rest stop, I noticed a dark blue Dodge Charger sitting perpendicular in the median. Had to be a trooper shooting laser because he was parked with his driver's side in my direction. Just past him there were two marked cruisers all lit up on the shoulder about 100 feet apart from each other with cars pulled over!

    My brother says they have brown mustangs as well but I think they are chargers too.

    I saw two radar road signs. One was on Rte 540 going through Salem County. It was K band and could clock both ways. On my home I drove past it. As I looked in RVM, tt gave a reading of 60 which is what my speed was. The 2nd was a Ka band sign right before the toll both after crossing the Del. Mem. Bridge.

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    I used to drive this route going to MD now I stick to going on RT 40.

    Watch out when you cross over the DE line and you pay the toll, after you go about a mile, the road will get really flat, the median will get really large. I have encoutered the DSP running 2 speed traps here. They wait because after you leave the toll you have a desire to go faster especially if there was a wait.

    They have one umarked run laser then they put 8 chase cars up about half mile. Very very deadly.



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