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    Default driving at night in virginia (85N/95N)

    what are police most likely to use at night on the interstates?

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    Most likely on those 2 routes, K and Ka. I haven't encountered X or laser with any VSP cars. Daytime and nightime use is about the same, they like to hide in the cut-throughs between north and south-bound lanes facing oncoming traffic. The HOV lanes in Northern VA are especially deadly. You are a "captive" audience and easier to target and run down. Watch the subtle rises in these lanes as they usually hide right past one. Most of the encounters have been constant on with a few instant on. You will likely encounter K the further south you go. I suppose the newer Ka guns are used in areas where there is more money available for newer equipment. At least thats what I've noticed over the past several years traveling these routes.

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    Almost all of Virginia state police use Ka when they use radar, there are a few VSP units that have K band. VSP also uses laser, although they seem to use radar more often.

    X band is not used in VA. X band was not approved for use until December 21, 2005 when the Virginia department of General Services division of purchases and supplies standard for speed measurement devices revised the equipment to include all speed measurement devices approved by the IACP. :cry:

    Down there by I95 and I85 I've seen radar. Ka from state police and K band from Dinwiddie County sherrif. I don't drive down there that often, but when I was down there last that is what I encountered.

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    Guy in the wooded center divider.


    95 S after Richmond.

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