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    Default My road trip to Flordia

    I took a road trip with 3 other cars to flordia this weekend. Im currently on a laptop, but wanted to post my expierences.
    My mother brought me a RX65. I was there for me last sat on my bed after i came home from work.

    Driving through the turnpike from new jersey, my radar was silent, very silent. I actually didn't pick up anything at all till i think maryland. Even on the I95 south i didn't pick up anything.
    We then proceded to drive through va and i left my radar off because of the spectar RDD.
    We then drove through north carolina and i kept my x band off because i heard they use it. (by the way, we were speeding)
    we were going like 85 in a 70 at about 3:30 am. Out of no were my radar turns to 4. then stops and it turns on 9. I knew i was hit with instant on. I slamed on the brakes and slowed down right away. I was inpressed. Right after, like 5 seconds later, i got hit with instant on x band. I still had time to slow down.
    No Ticket. My radar saved me.
    Driving through south carolina, my radar alerted me with KA at about .5 miles up. I slowed down. The number was at 1, but i know that there are little falses at KA. I then proceded and saw cops hiding. They then hit me with instant on and my radar lit up. The 4 cars followed me the whole trip and i saved them too. The only thing that phased me is that i didn't get hit with laser. If i did, i didn't get allerted. I think its time to get a laser jammer. Hopefully in the next week.
    Flordia. POP and KA multiple times. Saved 3 times in 5 minutes in one night.
    i'll keep yal posted. Bel is the best!
    i'll keep yal posted.

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    According to MPH, units with POP can't be used in that mode in FL for ticketing.

    The FL state law makes it pretty clear that it has to have doppler audio in order to be approved for use, and I don't think there's audio on the short millisecond burst that POP uses.


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    Im very inpressed with my RX65. No tickets at all. I picked up 3 ka bands in gainesville flordia in 3 minutes. excellent performance.



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