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    Default Traveling cross country...

    So im traveling to MT from VA(not quite across the country, but still) and I just recently bought an X50.

    I am traveling through: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, then to Montana.

    Which of these states will are more frequent in using laser and POP radar?

    Also, if there is a page lists all that sorry. I tried searching but didnt find much.

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    Southern VA uses it all, especially K and KA with few lasers in my traveling. Eastern Kentucky was very big on Ka when I was there. Im sure someone else can tell you about the other states. Have fun and be safe.

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    Thanks Braveheart for the info. Should be fun, just worried about laser since ive never encountered it.

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    Wisconsin state patrol uses radar, laser, and vascar by plane & car.
    A common tactic is one on an overpass, with several chase cars on the ramp.

    they also stop large packs of violaters at a time here too by Vascar in the air.
    If you venture off the freeway (I am guessing I-90/94) X is still a threat. And some small towns do have "freeway rights" so have your X-Band on.



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