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    Default Traveling from Miami to Philadelphia

    Hello everyone,

    I need all your expertise prior commencing my long trip (1,200 Miles) through 8 States. I will travel from Miami to Philadelphia driving on I-95 for the most part and some on I-295 (Virginia) and I-495 (around Washington D.C.). I will drive from dawn to dusk stopping around N. Carolina the first day to catch some sleep. Any tips? Are detectors banned in some of the following States?

    Florida: Laser Ka K Vascar Pop
    Georgia: Laser Ka K
    S. Carolina: Laser Ka K
    N. Carolina: Laser Ka K X - Vascar
    Virginia: Laser Ka K Air Vascar Pacing
    Maryland: Laser Ka K X - Ground Vascar Unmarked Pacing
    Delaware: Laser Ka X
    Pennsylvania: Vascar Instant On K

    Thanks a lot!

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    Radar detectors are banned in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

    Be safe!

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    yeah, just either drive slower in VA or just watch out for the cops.

    They won't confiscate it - just gotve you a 90 dollar ticket and let you keep your detector.

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    Can someone explain me the difference between Vascar, Air Vascar and Ground Vascar?
    What about Pacing and Unmarked Pacing? Any advise while crossing these States?

    Thanks again!

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    Unmarked refers to an unmarked car (meaning no lightbar on the roof, no "Police" markings, etc.). Pacing - following behind you at the same speed.

    VASCAR - Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder

    Air VASCAR - from a plane or helicopter
    Ground VASCAR - from the ground (on a hill, overpass, etc.)



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