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    Default Some Trap Locations -- Colorado Springs

    These are some speed traps I've seen the Springs police enforcing multiple times lately:

    Stetson Hills and Jedidiah Smith Road--They claim they have resident complaints for this area.

    Peterson Road just south of Barnes in the center turn lane. This is just around a bend, so warning time is minimal.

    Powers Blvd north of Briargate in the center median. They'll sit anywhere between Briargate and Hwy 83.

    Stetson Hills and Chanhassen. Right outside my house. Popular street racing area, so I'm OK with them being there.

    Stetson Hills and Charlotte Parkway.

    And the El Paso County Sherriff likes to sit on Woodmen road, just east of Black Forest. There's a small dirt road at the bottom of the hill where they have tree cover. I've seen them there at 4:30 in the morning, when I'm going to work. ANd I've seen them nail people there.

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    Just an update -- they are STILL using the Stetson Hills and Jedediah Smith road trap. My wife saw them out there two days ago. Motorcycle cops again. Be careful there -- it's easy to drift up in speed around that bend going east.

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    El Paso County Sheriff likes to sit at Woodmen Road and Maine. It's at the bottom of a hill, and behind shrubs, so hard as HELL to see.

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    hey man thanks for the tips. i have to go there on a business trip this weekend. will be on the lookout if this post is still up to date. THANKS AGAIN! :wink:



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