If anybody else drives in Tacoma or around here, I did a lot of testing last night. Here is what I found the majority of cops do.

Daytime- Laser mostly, some Radar(Instant on used alot), usually low power operating on K band. Not usually good times to speed during the day since laser is being used to most. Just use good judgement.

Nighttime- Lets ROLL!!! YEEEHAWWW....great time to have a lead foot if you are smart. All the cops I found after hours of driving at night, all use K band and I only ran into KA once on the freeway. For the most part you can get away with speeding if..... you are following vechicles that are way ahead where you can pick up a threat of them being targeted ahead. Be carefull when driving alone, Cops still use Instant On Radar, that is why i say try to follow vechicles ahead at all times if you can so you can pick up a threat.( I have noticed just about all Tacoma police to be quite smart and not give themself away at any cost leaving radars on so far.)