Man, if you live in NYC and travel over any of the toll bridges and tunnels then you may see those white TBTA cars and GMC trucks marked and also unmarked around.. Well, trust me, I learned the hard way last fall they are out in force and go in waves. What I mean is the swarm and then subside. This is especially true on the TriB. Bridge. The cops sit on the shoulder between the Manhattan/Bronx merge headed to Queens. The speed limit is 40mph.
Another trap is where they expanded the right lane to aleviate the traffic headaches so there is a little cove these cops can sit in right after the second tower, with their Ka radar facing rearward AT YOU. By the time you see them, flip your hazards on cuz you iz NAILED! So, keep this in mind. And a little history, they wrote me up for 31 over, which is a court date! I was exiting in traffic, so 31 over is impossible. Needless to say I am fighting it.

Good luck.