Ran across three LEOs this morning on Hwy 225 inbound in a span of about 15 miles.
All three were driving PSL in the right lane. Drivers around me were savy enough to slow down as they approached but you had to watch carefully to pick 2 of them out as they were marked but without light bars.

1 marked Harris County Sherriff Impala no lights around 225@ Battleground road.
1 marked Harris County Sherriff Pickup truck with lights 225@ beltway8
1 white subtley marked Harris County constable tahoe/blazer no lights 225@ Allen Genoa rd.

Suprisingly none had their radar transmitting so I had to see them to id them. The Tahoe was the toughest since the only indicator as you approach is a gold stripe with Constable written below it on the back door and a spot light.

225 is three lanes wide so if traffic bunches up behind them it's easy to miss one of these guys until you pass the group in the left lane. So if you commute on this highway keep your eyes very open.

Also, HCS WILL exit and re-enter the freeway many times trying to pick up speeders on the next entrance or pick off people who accelerate away as they see the leo exit. This trick seems to work well on 225 were several exits only feed back into another freeway entrance. No stop lights to slow them down.

In my experience HCS is not lazy like Pasadena PD. They take this speeding stuff very seriously, they drive with their eyes open, rarely camp out in the same places, pay attention to traffic and use Ka instant on regularly.