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    Default Info on Connecticut traps please?

    Looking in the sticky i know that Connecticut - Laser, Pace Method (unmarked cars), K, KA but i hav e yet to see any speed traps around here i was just womdering about that. Also it seems that al the cars are unmarked on the highway. I was just wondering if they really do use radar.

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    They use unmarked pacing alot I hardly speed to much in CT

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    Hey guys-

    They definitely use radar in CT.

    I have a had a lot of luck doing 90-100 mph in CT over the last 15 years.

    Probably sounds like suicide but I've spent a lot of time there and have had plenty of warning from whatever stuff I've used at the time.

    I must admit I've never run into laser in CT but frequently in MA.

    This weekend, heading north on the Merritt Parkway, up near Wallingford a cruiser was pulled over using K-band. He switched it off until you were within visual range, he was just over a hill. My RX-65 picked up the K band aimed at a car ahead of me at a signal strength of 1 on the south side of a hill, I slammed on the breaks and just glided over the hill at about 60mph, and there I saw him, suddenly he switched it back on. This was a marked car.

    I avoid I-95 in CT at all costs, I use the Merritt, I-91 and I-84 as much as I can. I pick up radar on 84 or 91, never laser. There is limited space on the Merritt for cops to pull people over, so generally speaking people fly on it.



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