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Thread: any speed traps

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    Default any speed traps

    any speedtraps in I90 Washington state

    from exit 1-90 is there any speed traps?

    once i saw a WSP using laser on straight away. he was down in teh ditch. i got about half mile detection range

    after that no other traps

    is there any other traps that cops like to be in during weekends?

    this is washignton state

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    I have 2 in my google map file for Bellevue.

    One for the Bellevue Way exit which is Laser and the other is 150th ave. bridge which might also be laser and radar. Haven't finished adding all of WA state but those are the only 2 I have for I-90 right now.

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    oo yes i checked your google earth out..
    pretty cool

    and by the way

    by lynnwood park and ride exit. always cops sittin up there using radar and lasers on oncoming traffics. both north and south

    if you know where im talking about.



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