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    Default Road trip - Atlanta to New Orleans

    Since I'll mostly be traveling on the interstates..should I turn on x band at all? I don't think the big boys use x-band at all only some local police do or am I wrong?

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    I make the drive from Houston to Atlanta once every couple of years. I leave X off all the time except in LA. I have not encountered X there but some of the enforcement tactics are so random in LA I just don't take a chance.
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    Don't have to worry about X band on the interstate in LA. It's all K for the locals and Ka for the State Troopers. New Orleans is mostly K band and probably Ka band but wouldn't surprise me to see an X band gun or two.

    Depending on the route you go, if you go over the Twin Span which most likely you will, be aware that there are temporary bridge sections in place so they have your speed is signs along the bridge because on the temporary sections the speed drops to 45 MPH.

    Now if you go the long route and go over the causeway watch out for Laser. Causeway police use Ka constant and Laser. Also there is 1 your speed is sign towards the end of the causeway going southbound.

    All the Your speed signs are K band.

    The only thing you'd have to worry about running X band is probably locals running speed traps on the interstate. I did pick up some X band from a Georgia State Trooper but was more towards the north towards the SC/GA border.

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    No X band here in Georgia. Decatur must have negotiated a pretty good contract with the state because there are Genesis I K band units all over the place. However, Laser seems to be the favorite toy of most jurisdictions these days.



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