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    Default NJ state troopers and laser

    I've been see more and more NJ troopers using laser all over the state. This is getting scary. haha.

    Rt78. Rt287. NJTurnpike. Even had a nite, encounter of laser on the turnpike.

    Does anyone except troopers use laser in NJ? I haven't encounterd locals using laser yet. and I hope not to...

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    I haven't encountered a NJ Statie using laser, still using instant X or constant X.

    Locals generally don't have the funds to buy new laser guns, very few that I know of (Monmouth County has one I think..) actually put out the $ for them.

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    I haven't seen any local PD's with them either. Keep in mind though that many (most? [all]) of the Highways in NJ are toll roads. I think that only NJSP may patrol them. I think.

    I have seen NJSP with laser as low as Toms River on the Parkway. He was shooting cowboy-style out the passenger window. I think the majority are still using X instant-on... at least that the majority of my encounters.

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    Riverdale P.D. runs laser on 287 all the time. You will also encounter Montville P.D. doing the same. (Just a little farther south) Their "tax" funding, with laser, is going quite well for them. Also Rockaway Twp. runs laser on Rte. 80. Keep thy eyes peeled.



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