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    Default Do it yourself ticket fighting courses

    Has anyone tried the Tipmra, Ticket Killer, or beat my speeding ticket programs in court? Did you win?

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    I got a lawyer and won

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    Default Timpra

    I have not seen either, but the Timpra is from a guy that sells Rocky Mountain Radar jammers.

    The bottom line, there are no secret tricks. You have spend time, do your homework, prepare yourself and hope for the best....
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    In Hungary, EU here is only one chance. Here are photo radars and lasers with videocams only (police must have a proof of speeding) but if they didn't stop you immediately as they usually do :cry: you get a letter some days after that you have to send details of the driver.
    According to the Hungarian law you don't need to make any declarations against your relatives or yourself. In this case you should write back that you're very-very sorry but according that you aren't able to send any details of your relative and good-bye!

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    The problem with most of these programs is that they are outdated or not state specific. The laws vary from state to state and what works in one jurisdiction will not work in another. Typically they advise you to send in a discovery request for a long list of items.

    The problem is that many states do not allow discovery at the traffic court level so your request is simply ignored. If you do not know what you are requesting or how to use the information then you are lost anyway. I have seen people use these "systems" and get into a lot more trouble than
    where they started.

    Even if you do prevail and the judge disallows the radar you are probably still going to be convicted. This is because the judge will accept the officer's visual estimation of your speed. Your best chances of beating a speeding ticket are on procedural grounds and for this you need information on your particular state.

    Unless you have been in court several times and know the law and the procedures you should never attempt to fight a serious speeding ticket on your own. For the same price as one of these systems you can obtain real advice from a lawyer in your state.




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