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    Default X Band Found in Use Illinois Interstates

    Watch out, there still using x band on the interstates in Illinois...Got 2 encounters the other night....I even found a local leo using it in Aurora IL the other night...!!!! I was shocked.

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    Thanks for the info Jamescase10. I haven't come across any X bad yet in central IL, but I am always on the lookout. Mostly Ka and K down here. The State LEO's love that Ka IO and are deadly with it.

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    Wow jamescase, they are using x band in Aurora. That's even closer to Chicago. I guess I will turn on x band once I am in Naperville then. Thx for the update.

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    Default before

    I mentioned this awhile back where a few years ago I came across x-band radar on the Tri-State tollroad south of Odgen Ave going southbound. I thought it was a "Road Work Ahead" sign emitting an x-band signal but it was a trooper in the median...constant on.....doing radar duty.....

    Yet, another reason why I will not turn off my X-band on my V-1! "L" works pretty darn good as it is!



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