I made a trip down to Grapevine for a local meet and decided I would swing around by the mall. I had my crapra radar detector with me and I was right behind a Taxi driver and he suddenly turned w/o warning so I took the next lane and sped up to a little over 10mph over PSL.
I then see my crapra RD go off on X-band. I ignored it and thought it was a false, but I let off the gas anyway and what do you know there is a Motorcycle cop shooting something, most likely laser.
When I passed by the LEO in the Motorcycle I was in disbelief and shock, and thinking WTF?!? Who in the world still uses X-Band? Watch out guys if you ever go to the Grapevine Mills Mall. The main road near the Movie Theater at Grapevine Mills Mall has Moto Laser cops everywhere I could count about 4-5 of them and they pulled someone over right after I left which was no later than 5 min.

So I exit and go towards Coppell past 121 hwy and be on my way.
There were about four instances when I was in Coppell.
First, was the day time, right on New Years day, I was traveling on MacArthur in between Sandy Lake and Parkway when I see a Cruiser with Constant-on, I was going exactly the PSL in the right lane.
The Second instance I was on Dentontap and Parkway there is a Cruiser just sitting there in the middle of the roads where you make a turn, doing nothing. I just assumed he was just making a turn until another night
I cruised by at 2 a.m. passed Denton-Tap going towards Sandy Lake when all of the sudden I see another Coppell Cop just sitting in the middle of the road.
I wonder if they're using instant-on now just waiting to see if people are speeding and then zapping them.
Lastly, my last encounter was just today when I was traveling on Samuel Blvd I see a Motorcycle cop at a stop sign on Parr St or Coats St. shooting laser and then I took a turn onto MacArthur past 121 into Lewisville...
What scares me is that everytime I drive in Coppell the cops always have their Radars Constant on, but lately they haven't had it on atl all, does anyone know if they got new guns?