If anyone is from Jacksonville here, got a tip. The Jax Beach police are
notorious for setting speed traps, and at the end of JTB (limited access
highway with a 60 MPH limit) the limit drops rapidly to 45 then to 35 as you
go over an overpass. Since I am well aware of how "good" a trap this could
be I always slow down as I crest the hump. Well dontcha know Friday
afternoon at around 4 pm there's two of them down there pointing their Ka
gun at oncoming traffic (my Escort was lit up like a Christmas tree). I had
lagged well back of 2 SUVs who sped on ahead of me before jamming on
their brakes as they saw the LEOs.

I seriously doubt any sort of engineering survey was performed for that
location, and if challenged on such grounds a 45 in 35 infraction probably
could be thrown out on those grounds alone (as you don't enter the non-
limited access street until you go around the traffic loop 200 yards past
the 35 sign). I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to
petition for such a survey preemptively-Suf Daddy or anyone know?
If the local press was contacted they'd probably be all over that too.